Each year since 1986 the Cape Coral Sailing Club has recognized the contributions of certain of its members by giving them the 'Member of the Year' award. Prior to 2003 the award was known as the 'Sportsman of the Year' award. In either case it is awarded to members who have given of themselves above and beyond the call of duty for the betterment of the club and all its members.

2017 Mario Rusu

2016 Ron Kunkel

2015 Tim Stier

2014 Pat Pye

013 George Hunt

2012 Betty Anderson

2011 Mark Skrzynski

2010 Pat and Ron Pye

2009 Ray Daugherty

2008 Sharron Thompson

2007 Jack and Maggie Ibach

2006 Lorraine Bergman

2005 Joe and Ginny Holland

2004 Ron Miniter

2003 Carlie van der Kloet

Sportsman of the Year

2002 Charlie Covey

2001 Bill Todd

2000 Jack Ibach

1999 Manny Gomez

1998 Lewis Fierke

1997 Gene Roeckers

1996 Ed Kroencke

1995 Dick Bethel

1994 Howard Arend

1993 Betty Louw

1992 Jack D’Agostino

1991 Tony Letteri

1990 Al and Ruth Siskind

1989 Bill McNaull

1988 Al Siskind

1987 Gordon Coffman

21986 Earl Van Swearingen

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