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Diesel Mechanic - Key West area.
Mark DeJong, 305-292 2300, has an excellent reputation. He is the factory authorized representative for Yanmar and Volvo Penta. His business is located at the Oceanside Marina on Stock Island (Atlantic side), 305-294-4676. If service is pre-arranged, the first night at the marina is free. It is a very nice marina with top notch facilities. Its drawback is the distance from downtown Key West about five miles.
(Ed Wilson)
Mast Removal - Key West area.
Peninsular Marine, 305-296-8110, is a working boatyard on Stock Island about 1 block from Oceanside Marina.
(Ed Wilson)
Hypothermia - and Florida waters
(Fred Haarbye)
Ciguatera Poisoning
It is a well known fact that barracuda like other reef fish will, over time, accumulates a dangerous level of the Ciguatera toxin. The larger the fish the greater the accumulation. For that reason, very little barracuda is eaten - although the meat is delicious. There is a test kit, called Cigua - Check, that can be used to determine if the meat is safe to eat. There are a couple of drawbacks to using the test kit. It must be ordered. There are no local distributors to the best of my knowledge. The kit cost about $28.00. There is enough material in the kit to test five fish - about $6.00 per test. and, the test takes one hour.
(Bill Thompson)                Webmaster Note; I believe company no longer makes this. Let me know if you know where to obtain it.
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(Ed Wilson)(This information provided by Patricia Kearns, NAMS-CMS, Recreational Marine Experts Group)
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