We have several cruises during the year - about one a month. Some of the cruises last a couple of days and some may last a couple of weeks. The destinations may be to marinas with all the amenities or they may be on the hook. We cruise from the Keys to Tarpon Springs and have been known to invade the East Coast of Florida, the Bahamas and the Dry Tortugas. One thing is for certain, the cruises are well organized and you will be with a great bunch of people.

Cruising Fleet Captain (2017)
Dennis Weeks
Please contact the Cruising Fleet Captain if you'll like to join one of our cruises.


March 28
Day Cruise Picnic - details will be provided soon.

April 10 - April 14
Going South - Panther Key cruise.
Preliminary program:
1. day 1 ( April 10 ) - sailing to Marco Island. We'll drop the anchor in Factory Bay.
2. day 2 ( April 11 ) - sailing to Panther Key. Two possible routes around the Marco Island via Goodland for the boats with shallow draft or around the Cape Romano.
3. day 3 (April 12 ) - spend time @ Panther Key . Activities TBD.
4. day 4 - 5 ( April 13 or April 15) - start sailing back home or toward other destination (Marathon Key) Please fill out the coupon if you'll like to join us.

How to reach Panther Key:
Latitude: 25º51.611'N Longitude: 081º32.864'W
7 to 12 feet in anchorage. Nice beach along Panther Key. Remote and pristine area will be buggy in warm weather. Shallow draft vessels (< 4 ft) can access very protected area north of Hog Key.
Approach from south and west of Gomez Point. Deepest approach is close to western shore of PantherKey. Keep unmarked pilings off Gomez Point to starboard on approach.
Typical tide:
4.3 feet

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Rosen Park January 19 2017
Rosen Park January 19 2017

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