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Photo Ahoy and welcome to a new year of boating and friendship! Our cruising schedule will take us this year to close by destinations like Captiva, Cayo Costa, St. James Ciity and Franklin Lock, places where we can be joined by car by our friends who'd rather use the land dinghies, but also for the daring, Marco Island, Naples, Everglades and the Florida Keys will be longer cruises that, I hope, will attract some of our sailors. We are welcoming our new members, and we hope the weather master will be good this year to allow all our plans go smoothly. Great thanks to all our captains who graciously accepted to run our scheduled cruises. We hope to see all of you joining us on land or water!
Cruising Fleet Captain (2018)
Carmen Rusu
Please contact the Cruising Fleet Captain if you'll like to join one of our cruises.
April Cruises Making up for the Club slow pace in April, Small Fortune is planning to cruise to St John River, via Lake O to the East coast, then ICW to Jacksonville. From there, they will cruise the navigable portion of St John, about 160mi. They plan on leaving April 7 and they would welcome buddy boats for the entire trip or any portion along the way. April - May Cruises Betty and Luc are also planning an extended cruise sometime between April 15 and May 15. The cruise was initially planned to head south to the Florida Keys but they are also considering heading north to the Tampa/Clearwater area. Direction may be based on weather predictions for the cruise period. With our busy schedules, this cruise may result in multiple boats heading in different directions at different times. Anyone interested in participating should contact Luc or Betty.
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Photo Rosen Park Cruise Photo Rosen Park Cruise
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